Clinical research isn’t about lab coats, test tubes, or exams, it’s about people. It is the goal of those who perform clinical research to extend and improve the lives of those who are battling illness.

Clinical trials are scientific studies that evaluate the safety and effectiveness of potential treatments for all types of diseases and medical conditions. These studies are most often initiated by pharmaceutical companies seeking to bring new medications and therapeutic devices to the market. As such, clinical trials must be performed under strict adherence to the principles of Good Clinical Practice, the hallmark of which is the safety and protection of the subject.

An individual may choose to participate in a clinical trial for a variety of reasons. Although results are never guaranteed, studies may provide an individual the opportunity to receive beneficial treatments before such treatments are made available to the public. There is no cost to participate in a study. Study medications/devices are provided at no cost to the participants, and there is compensation for time and travel.

Clinical trials are an integral part of our healthcare system. They allow pharmaceutical companies and research organizations to investigate new treatment options and they ensure that these treatments are safe and effective before they are released to the market. This is all made possible by the participation and feedback of individuals like you. TMR is currently enrolling participants for studies investigating a wide variety of medical conditions. To find out if you qualify for a current clinical trial, view our enrolling studies page here.