With more than 25 years of experience in clinical research, TMR has performed more than 150 clinical trials involving a multitude of therapeutic agents and devices. In the performance of these studies, TMR relies on a staff of experienced coordinators with NIH certification, IATA certified processors, expert phlebotomists, certified blood pressure screeners and a well-equipped facility. This research experience combined with our enthusiasm ideally position TMR to meet the needs of sponsors and CROs.

TMR´s principal investigator, Dr. Patrick Peters, and staff are experienced in the performance of numerous diagnostic tests. When needed, TMR consults with physicians across a variety of medical disciplines, who act as sub-investigators. Consulting physicians are located in close proximity to our facility and are contracted to perform outsourced procedures including EGDs, colonoscopies, endometrial biopsies, mammographs, prostate biopsies, 2D Echoes, bone biopsies, DEXA scans, fundus photography, and sinus taps, etc.